I thought I would start by introducing you to the current events within out life. We are currently engaged, we have set the date for next year. We have moved into our first flat together and both have full-time jobs. As you know I am a primary school teachers and this role almost seems to continue at home. As the title suggest my fiance is still as much of a child as some of my 5 and 6 year olds are!
Sunday 24th June 2018
So, today he has constantly been going round the flat making silly noises and when I tried to playfully brush his hair, which he hates, he ran to the bedroom and hid under the covers. This is what I have to deal with daily!
All day he has complained at how hungry he is and I swear he has eaten enough food to last at least three days. He has also found a TV show from his child hood that he has started to watch this weekend. Is is only when I look at him and how he behaves that I realise how much of a child he actually is.
The best example today was when i was messing around and his comment was“if you do that again I will fart on your hand”. I told him there and then that it was such a child response to the situation. He just smiled cheekily and ran into the living room, with yet another slice of cake!
I hope this made you chuckle in some way and makes you think about how we as teachers are very considerate of other’s immaturities. After all someone has to take on the challenge. Speak soon J.

Monday 25th July 2019

Today I was back at work and my partner was off. He has always said that if I leave him a list of jobs he will try and get them done. So today I tested this! I wrote a list of jobs and said I shall do whatever gets left.

I get home to him naming all that he has done. With me waiting for the but. And there it is his but. “I have done the hoovering, well some of it”. I then prove to find out what he means.

So basically he has hovered parts of the living room. Why in anyone’s right mind would only do parts of the room! I don’t mind him not doing the whole flat, but at least do a whole room! And let’s not get started on how he has arranged the clothes to dry on the clothes horse. Let’s just say think things will still be creased and take forever to dry. Oh well he tried. Speak soon J.

Wednesday 27th June 2018

So I got home from work at 6pm. I put the washing away, another load went in the washing machine. I put away the washing up and washed what had been left. I got tea ready dn made lunch for tomorrow. I also managed to do a quick tidy up.

An hour later my partner arrives home and tea is ready for him. We eat and he asks if I mind him going and sitting down. No that’s fine I’ll carry on.

I carry on. I wash and dry up. I put the washing out to dry and finish cleaning the kitchen.

Finally at 7:50pm I sit down. Only for him to say he is going to the bedroom turning the fan on and watching tv. Well a lovely end to a long day. Speak soon J.

Thursday 28th June 2018

After a stressful day at work it was a lovely end to the day spending the evening with my fiance and friend at the pub. Lovely food a drink and some classic people watching. For those who are not aware, you should all be, this is where you watch others and make comments or think of what the situation is. This is where my partner says too much. I think that he sometimes forgets that he is in public and some things can be pretty harsh, but nothing a knock of the elbow can’t solve. And they say women are very critical and nosy about others. Hmmm, maybe I have found an anomaly. Here’s to all the women out there that have to keep their partners quiet. Speak soon J.