First day jitters

First day jitters

So I start my day searching for the site manager to unlock my classroom, which he somehow forgot. Then of course it begins. Technical issues. Oh well no register for my class, good job I’m prepared with a class list!

The the nerves begin,the butterflies and worries of what might happen. And of course that’s the same for the children. Some came in excited, some looked like rabbits in headlights and obviously some of the emotional ones with tears, but we overcome it. Stickers really do combat a lot of issues.

All goes smoothly until handwriting and some children need the toilet, no one knows where they are,despite several walks during transition. So, there’s no choice, handwriting is ditched and off we go for a trip to the toilets. All fun and games until a child bursts into tears in the toilet because bless their heart they can’t get the toilet paper out. Teacher to the rescue.

It gets to lunchtime and I realise the difference between this cohort and my last. It is wonderful they are so responsive and respectful and I can feel myself becoming less stresses and actually having fun teaching. End of lunch comes, after our newly replenished hour, after being cut to 45 minutes last year. Oh what the difference 15 minutes makes! I go to collect the children and I run in to my old class. All smiling and shouting my name, which shows the difference we make to their lives and experiences.

The afternoon goes smoothly with only minor reminders and home time the thing I have worried about was fine. The parents were very helpful in being patient and reminding us of who they were picking up. Then the ugly technical issues rear their head with a remote access with our technical team. After an hour and 20 minutes waiting I have up and left my laptop with the deputy head. I think 5pm is late enough after the first day back. What a whirlwind of a day, but a reminder of why I entered the world of teaching.

Speak soon J.

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