Ready to go!

Ready to go!

What a lovely break!

After my first year as a teacher (NQT) it was certainly great to have 6 weeks break. Time to clear the head of the past year and give home life some full attention. Most of the time has been spent doing those things you never get a chance to do. The final box sorted through from moving in (IN MARCH!!!). Things organised like the wardrobe, well before the holiday shopping! And more importantly hours of recreation. I think I may have watched all the worth while series on Netflix. But overall time with my partner, family and friends. Time to plan our wedding and get organised. It has been wonderful. And of course the final thing preparing for yet another year of the crazy profession we call teaching.

It has taken three days to get my room ready, including having my partner in for one day – don’t do it guys they are little to no help! This is my first year of backing boards, as we had felt ones last year, and what a pain they are. And why did anyone think it was a good idea to place heating and window controls in the centre of the board! However,I did it and my superhero reading corner looks great, I can’t wait for my little ones to see it.

I have new table names on my tolsby frames, hoping this year they will be able to stay on tables and be used, due to behaviour issues last year some got trashed. I have used the Twinkl names with gems and positioned them in a way to remember which table is which.

Reliable Rubies

Efficient Emeralds

Amazing Ameythysts

Dazzinlg Diamonds

Super Sapphires

The way I remember it is READS that go round the room from left to right, simples! I was very impressed with myself for this I am sure it will save a lot of confusion this year.

I think my biggest battle of setting up the room , other than the pesky control panels, oh and the staples or bits of paper left behind, was the fact of having 31 children. It makes it a complete nightmare to make displays equal, I have big OCD issues with my big write board. Do admin not think of the OCD teacher?

Anyway so I am ready. Planning is done for the first two weeks. Classroom is done. Home life is organised. But am I ready to go back? Of course not. The countdown to half term begins. As teachers we are always counting down the year.

Here goes good luck to all teachers, no matter how many years experience, enjoy the year and try not to stress too much you’re doing great!

Speak soon J.

3 thoughts on “Ready to go!

    1. Well I have 5 tables of 6 and then a child who has a 1:1 on their own table as needs individual activities, but they will be linked with the closest table for group work. Yes training day on Monday. Children back Tuesday. Good luck to you to!

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