Day 2 – Am I dreaming!

Day 2 – Am I dreaming!

Today was another afternoon with my new crew. What a lovely afternoon! We sat and had a little chat. Two children had a song for me, one singing and one playing the recorder. It was adorable, all about how they like their new teacher etc. Then I explained the activity, which was to make something for our book corner in September. They had some books on the tables to look at and decide which was their favourite. Then they had to draw the front cover on their own mini book and write their name inside. Then they had a paper jumper, face and background to stick all together. For this we used pva, due to a lack of glue sticks. However, we only had 2 glue spreaders per table. To my amazement they shared beautifully and knew that they had to scrape the excess off.

With those made we had 30 minutes to spare. So I decided we would have some class time. All sat on the carpet they shared something about themselves or asked me a question, they are such a curious bunch. Then we sang some of their favourite nursery rhymes and then lined up. And no surprise they lined up beautifully. I can’t wait until September! Let’s see what today brings. Speak soon J.

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