Day 1 -Meeting the newbies

Day 1 -Meeting the newbies

So today is the day that I got to meet my new cohort of children. I had been told that they are a lovely group of children and that i will have a wonderful year. Well I think I must just have that wonderful year ahead!

I walk into my new classroom and it is silent, no-one is talking. I introduce myself and what we will be doing this afternoon. A few children have some questions and then they go straight to find a chair. No talking. No silliness. Just straight to a chair and listening for the next instruction. I explain what to do and they do it. I am totally blown away. I make a comment about how they are much better behaved than even my year ones, which brings a few smiles to their faces.

Throughout the afternoon I of course had the few children who had a few squabbles about sharing, but that will come with time. I think one of the most grown up things said this afternoon was after one child came to ask to go to the toilet another came and said ‘can I go to the toilet when they come back?’ Normally the children want to go together to be silly, but this just blew me away.

After a lovely afternoon I clapped to get the children’s attention. They clapped back and listened. Wow, this cannot be real! I explained that they needed to pack away and sit back in their chairs. They took 3 minutes. Yes,3 minutes to pack all the toys away and get sat back in their chairs. I was amazed. To top the afternoon they all lined up without any fuss and walked back to their classroom.

Now I know that this is just the beginning. I know that there will be a honeymoon period. But I think this is going to be a good year. Only 14 days to go! Speak soon J.

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