Organisation is key

Organisation is key

So today I had a bombardment of messages from my ill colleague asking me to ensure that things were done and that I give their laptop to someone to take home. It is only when in search of the said laptop and items that I realise just how important it is to be organised within the world of teaching.

I have always been one for having things very organised and easily available when I need them. I hate not knowing where something is when I need or have been asked for it. I like to know that if needed or asked for I can go straight to the place. This has always helped me lead an organised and slightly less stressful day. I always ensure that there are spare exercise books and highlighters etc in my classroom so that in an emergency I can easily replace things. It is very annoying when children are sent by other teachers to ask for resources. I always think to myself ‘why do you not have your own?’ 

At the end of the working day I also try to ensure that my classroom is back to normal working order for the next day. At the end of the week I also have a quick clear out of paperwork and ensure that no loose papers are around. I find that this helps to keep a clear work area and therefore a clear mind, which is key when you are always getting tasks added to your workload. And they are saying that they are trying to reduce workload! Would someone care to explain how or where?

However, today whilst trying to search for items in another teacher’s classroom, I found it highly distressing, As soon as I walked in, seeing the mountains of paperwork and clutter, it made me cringe. I just couldn’t see how it could be a workable environment. Looking around I was able to identify several of my pet hates within a classroom.

  1. Displays half fallen down and missing parts.
  2. Out of date displays.
  3. Cluttered resources.
  4. Mixed up exercise books.
  5. Mountains of loose paperwork.
  6. Random equipment lying on the floor at the edges of the room, lurking under units and bookshelves. 
  7. Finally, a completely disorganised structure to the room.

I know a classroom isn’t a perfect working environment and that there will always be some form of mess or disorganisation at times, but surely there needs to be some structure to the room.

My thought is that if the room is tidy and easily accessible for the children then it makes it a more calming environment for them that doesn’t look too busy and chaotic. I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Speak soon J.

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