Man-child #2

Man-child #2

Monday 25th July 2019

Today I was back at work and my partner was off. He has always said that if I leave him a list of jobs he will try and get them done. So today I tested this! I wrote a list of jobs and said I shall do whatever gets left.

I get home to him naming all that he has done. With me waiting for the but. And there it is his but. “I have done the hoovering, well some of it”. I then prove to find out what he means.

So basically he has hovered parts of the living room. Why in anyone’s right mind would only do parts of the room! I don’t mind him not doing the whole flat, but at least do a whole room! And let’s not get started on how he has arranged the clothes to dry on the clothes horse. Let’s just say think things will still be creased and take forever to dry. Oh well he tried. Speak soon J.

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