I’m still standing!

I’m still standing!

So I entered today knowing one of my team are I’ll, due to sickness. I then find out that another will be off due to illness. So that means I am the only teacher in my year group. Oh the joys!

It begins with realising that the member of staff off normally sorts the homework out and emails to clericals. I spend 15 minutes sorting this out. Then it continues with registration. The person covering has no idea how to fix what has gone wrong. I can’t leave my classroom as my TA is trying to get a challenging child into school. Finally I get to the classroom and fix the problem. Whilst I did this a child hit their head on the IWB, all because of silly placement of whiteboard pens.

During lunch, after a challenging morning with rude children, I get the person covering asking if I know the laptop password. I have no idea, so they have to teach showing the children on a laptop screen. They then inform me that they are teaching the Art. Luckily I am the one who has planned it, but know that all the resources are in my room. I spend my last 10 minutes sorting it out and finding aprons etc.

To end the day I then have a 2 hour training session about mentally healthy schools, where we are asked if we have a good work/life balance. What do they mean? Work tends to overrun life? Well when your team are off and SLT pile loads of data tasks onto you! Happy Thursday everyone, one day to go! Speak soon J.

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