So it is coming up to the lovely time of transition. We all know our classes, year groups and classrooms. Reports go out to parents on Friday. And we now have 2 weeks, 8 afternoons of transition! Yes 8!

This is where we get to meet the fresh faced group of children, 31 in my case. We spend the first few days in their classroom, where they think they are in charge. We complete the obligatory all about me form. And try to get to know their names. Then the fun begins when we move to the year 1 classrooms. Although due to moving, yet again, we shall not be in the actual classroom. I look forward to this point when the children realise that they have to do work and their are not as much toys and playtime as there are in reception. You get random questions like do we still get snack? But no matter how much we prepare and ready our children for September,we will still have the child that: a) gets your name wrong b) calls you mum c) forgets where they are d) wants to know when playtime, snacktime or home time is. And finally e) the child who asks when are they going back to reception.

So just take count and reflect on how far you have come with your current class and get ready to repeat the cycle. Good luck all. Speak soon J.

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