Teacher workload

Teacher workload

After a restful weekend I thought I would share some advice to help others.

At the beginning of my NQT year I would spend most of my free time planning and preparing for the week ahead. I would arrive at school by 7:20 and leave after 6pm. Then I would come home, eat and carry on working til 10pm. It took me until Christmas to realise that this was crazy and not necessary.

So, I started to be more careful and make my time more worth while. This has lead to more free time to do what I like and take a rest from the stressful week. I thought I would share some tips to make this happen for others.

1. Utilise your PPA time. Make a list to ensure you get the majority of the planning done. To help with this make a quick list of what needs to be covered that week and what you want the outcome to be. This will enable you to be more efficient.

2. Work smart during your break and lunch time. Leave enough time to eat your lunch, but work alongside it. For instance on a Thursday I mark the homework whilst eating lunch, which ensures it is ready for Friday. This also helps to keep on top of urgent tasks.

3. Spend a weekend planning for a week or two. This is a chore, but with Netflix or music in the background it gets done quick. This will free up a couple of weekends and week nights for you to enjoy and relax.

4. Don’t do tasks that are unnecessary. It sounds silly, but I spent most of my time making a chart for this or making sure I had display things done ahead of time. If you can’t think of how it would impact your teaching or the children’s learning then don’t do it.

5. Finally, try and leave your laptop at school and don’t have your emails linked to your personal phone. This ensures that you won’t be tempted to do more work at home or reply to emails at 10pm.

I hope you will find these tips useful. They have certainly helped me. Speak soon J.

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