Teacher breakthrough

Teacher breakthrough

So I have been teaching a child for the past year who has been diagnosed with ADHD and is medicated as a result. They are developmentally behind due to having a reduced timetable for half of year 1. Before Christmas they were unable to communicate their emotions during or after outbursts of dangerous behaviour. These outbursts would be anything from rolling around on the floor to standing on tables and trashing my classroom. I have tried many techniques including the use of an emotion fan, but none have been successful.

Anyway, since January they have been on a full timetable and have become more integrated into the classroom and has recently become more engaged within formal learning. This has even included writing in English. Although this is through voting, it is a big leap from refusing to even hold a pencil, well apart from throwing!

So today he had an outburst reverting back to jumping on the table and throwing pencils. So I jump into old habits. Send a child for another adult. Great! There are none. Next step send my class to the teacher next door. This is when the impossible happened.

I managed to calm them down, by giving them teacher stamps and a piece of paper. Distractions and they loved to get the frustration our through banging them onto the paper. I give them a few minutes and begin to ask questions. I was amazed at how far we have come. They managed to explain they were angry because a child called them a name. I managed to discuss with them that if it happened again they need to tell a Teacher, which they understood. I then took a step further and managed to get them to understand that they needed to clear the pencils up to fix the problem.

This amount of reflection and understanding demonstrates how far this child has come. It is times like these when you know you are in the right profession!

Speak soon J.

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