That moment when…

That moment when…

That moment when you get into school and the headteacher has sent out the all important email. The email that determines the next year of your working life. The email to inform you which class of children you will be teaching. The nervous click as I skim for my name and hesitantly look over to the clas…YES! The sigh of relief as I find out I have the ‘good’ class, after the year I have had!


That moment when you are teaching the value of notes to 5 and 6 year olds. You try and discuss that they have different famous people on the back. Only to find out that the ‘new’ resources only show the front of the note. The sigh of relief when you remember that you went to the cash point last night and happen to have a £5 and £10 note in your purse. Then your TA informs you she has a £20 note. After all this the children then ask; ‘ Miss where is your £50 note?’, which is when you explain that there are not many of those. As a moment of laughter is shared between yourself and the TA, as if we’ll we certainly would not have one on our pay!


That moment when you realise you haven’t got anything out for dinner and your partner is at work. Oh, well pasta it is! Speak soon J.

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