Science Detectives

Science Detectives

So, as part of my NQT year I have to complete a range of observations. Today’s task was a Science observation by the Science coordinator. Of course I have my practical lesson read and prepared. I have warned the children that this will be happening and give them the obligatory please try your best to make green choices etc.


Our task today was to use our senses and knowledge of animals to solve simple tests to eventually find the solution to the puzzle. In this case the favourite animal of a fictional character. So I start off by recapping the five senses and what they use for these. All is good they have finally remembered them all! Then i move on to explain the task at hand and that the girl has given us some clues to find her favourite animal. I read through the clues, asking the children about the various vocabulary. Another internal high-five as they manage to work together and get all the keywords correct.


We then move onto the activity where they have pictures of five animals and have to complete the simple tests as a group to try to identify which animal fits the given clue. All goes well they are really engaged and all are trying the challenges. Some have predictably filled in the wrong boxes or wrote on the wrong lines, but they get it. The Science coordinator is happy with what she has seen and leaves. Sigh of relief! Boy am i glad she left when she did.


We continued to complete the tests and the final clue lead to only one animal that it could be. The clue being ‘When it grows up it transforms into another animal and grows wings’. Which I am sure you have guessed is a caterpillar. So it comes to the end of the lesson where they have to look at their answers to the simple tests and decide what the animal could be. The five options being; ant, butterfly, worm, ladybird and caterpillar. I ask the children to put their hands up for which animal they think it was. The majority were split between a butterfly and a caterpillar. I then revealed that it was a caterpillar. Typically those who got it right cheered and those who didn’t sank in their chairs. This is when it happened. The best comment of the day.


One of the children shouted out ‘did no one listen to the story of the hungry caterpillar?’ That’s when it dawned upon them. The whole class had suddenly remembered the whole story and a chorus of ‘oh yeah’ filled the classroom. Said child was very pleased with themselves for remembering the story and seemed horrified that no one else had.


Oh the joys of the innocence in year 1! Speak soon J.

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