What a random end to the day!

What a random end to the day!

Oh yay, another a Monday morning! Not too bad out at a meeting, but back school just in time to sneakily listen in to my class and the teacher covering. Why is it we find ourselves listening in on others classrooms? Especially our own when we are not in there? So, why I am stood there I hear one girl’s name called out several times for talking. Another child’s name being called out because they are not sitting on their chair properly. And of course the two children at the front are having yet another warning for disrupting the class. And all this while some children are trying to play a matching phonics game. No wonder they can never beat a previous time!

So it gets to the time when they need to line up for lunch. I hear the girl’s name said again, and that’s when I walk in. Wow! To see their faces as I tell them that I have been listening. The looks of shock and horror on those who have been called out, the looks of happiness that I am back and then the look of ‘am I suppose to care that you heard my name being called out’. Obviously from the girl. They go off to lunch and I get set up for the afternoon. That’s when I think to myself ‘atleast I know it’s not just me’. Isn’t it bad that as teachers we have to say this to ourselves? That we find solace in the fact that we are not the only teacher that a particular child will not listen to you or shows little to no respect. No matter how much we teach or talk about respect, for some children it does not even come into their heads. Even after a whole year of trying!

The joys of Religious Education! Trying to teach five and six year olds about special texts to the different religions is more challenging than it sounds. Our first challenge is that the children still, after all my trying, do not understand what a religion is. Let alone what special texts are and how they guide them through life. So I spend the afternoon talking about the Torah and how it provides a guide to life for the people who follow Judaism. The children glaze over, but get interested when we come to the activity. They have to make five rules up that they should follow. And they think of everything. I have some obvious ones like ‘do not hurt others’ and ‘listen to adults’. Then we have the stand out one of a kind ones like ‘tidy my room every day’ and ‘share my toys with my brother’. When I asked these particular children their replies were; ‘if I tidy my room I get stickers’ and ‘mum says I have to so it’s like a rule anyway’. That’s when these children make me laugh, the sheer innocence in their replies is when you find so much out about their home life.

Then we come to the end of the day, most of the children are gone and one of the children’s grandparents come and ask if they have been picked up. I explain not yet and they say they shall wait. They make a few comments about how kids grow up fast etc. Then it happens, the first time for me. They asked the question. They ask if I am pregnant! Shocked and a little taken back by this comment I politely respond with no. Thankfully the parent turns up and that’s that. Still shocked I confide in my TA and ask if I looked it. We both just burst out laughing. Well that’s the first time it has happened and what an end to the day.

Keep on going only four weeks and four days! Speak soon J.

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