So here I am alone on another Saturday afternoon. My fiance is at work. My friend is away. Just me myself and my dog! Housework is done, shopping put away and no work to do because I am too organised. My Mum constantly reminds me that ‘you need a hobby’. Well after much thought and consideration, that is rejection of sporting activities and crafting activities. I have turned to the world of blogging. So here goes…

I am a primary school teacher currently in my final term of my NQT year, and what a year it has been. I think it is the most exhausting and stressful job, but also the most rewarding. I am constantly coming home and discussing my day, the things children have said and done, some of which has entertained my fiance. That’s when I thought what if I could share these moments with more people and show you the inner experience of a modern-day primary classroom. 

This blog will be an outlet of my inner thoughts and opinions of which I welcome your comments and questions. I shall vary my content from my work to daily life to newly found products and recipes. So look out for new posts, hopefully daily, but we shall see!

I look forward to sharing with you. Speak soon J.

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